Video unified is a French company, whose activity is the development of live broadcasting tools.
Featuring innovative video compression technology, allowing a very short loading time without affecting the video quality, allowing video playback on any device (pc, tablet, phone).
Video-Unified presents its latest flagship product, MSVU265, the world's most compact and versatile HEVC / H264 encoder, won the first prize in SATIS broadcast technology (SATIS is the french video professional trade show)

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The MSVU265's advanced HEVC compression allows users to broadcast in HD / SD video quality with 50% less bandwidth than today's H.264 standards.
Designed to support a diverse set of video streaming applications - MSVU265 has an HDMI input or SDI input, an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface with full control of the two built-in encoders for HEVC / H.265 and MPEG4 / H.264 compression. The encoding chip offers the ability to stream two video formats at the same time.

MSVU265 has a compression chip for real-time video / audio encoding, packaged in a compact package with low power consumption. MSVU265 makes it possible to use the next-generation HEVC encoding, with multiple applications, especially in areas of professional and industrial applications such as TV tv, cable TV broadcasting, compact and portable security technology (ex: journalism, Shooting, shows and military / police vehicles).

Plus :

HEVC / H265 encoding greatly reduces the bandwidth's cost

Whether for broadcast news / live news, point-to-point broadcast in HD, live broadcast for IP TV distribution, the demand for live video broadcasting is constantly increasing for real-time broadcasting, High quality, accessible anywhere.

Applications :

- Low latency Point to Point broadcast
- Mobil news or professional gathering
- Relief, Police, Military and Embedded Intervention Group (vehicle and person)
- Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) video from land and air vehicles
- Pedagogy, training, school, coaching
- Monitoring and guarding in Full HD 1080P
- Video streaming on any screen: Computers, TV and mobile devices on channels with limited bandwidth

Advantages :

- The new generation HEVC / H.265 compression reduces the network bandwidth by 50% compared to H264
- Reduced costs associated with different broadcast networks.
- Portable design and low power consumption - optimized for field use in vehicle (12VDC power input) and embedded (internal battery)
- Low latency, up to 150 milliseconds
- Formats and protocols supported: MPEG DASH, HLS, MSS, HDS, RTSP, RTP, RTMP, SCTP et MPEG-TS (unicast and multicast)

In conclusion :
The MSVU265 encoder remains the most portable and convenient solution for encoding and streaming videos in HD easily and economically. Portability, cost, are the strengths of this innovative technology.